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Colon hydrotherapy (also known as colonics, colon cleansing, colon irrigation, and high enema) is a method of hydrating and toning the large intestines (colon). Many health authorities believe that diseases begin in the colon and that colon health is critical to overall health and well-being. The colon absorbs water, vitamins and minerals to create feces. All absorbed materials are passed to the liver through the portal vein. Waste matter from food, drinks, pollutants and internally produced waste is eliminated by the colon. Colon hydrotherapy is one of the most effective ways of hydrating and toning the colon and detoxifying the overall system. Colon hydrotherapy works with 9 out of the 11 systems of our body (Respiratory, Urinary, Digestive, Immune, Cardiovascular, Lymphatic, Integumentary, Nervous and Endocrine System). When the colon works properly, the body systems tend to work properly.


Waste material (such as impacted feces, dead cellular tissue, accumulated mucus, parasites, etc.) that has remained in the colon for some time poses several problems. This material is quite toxic. These poisons can re-enter and circulate in the blood stream, making us feel weak and tired. Impacted material impairs the colon's ability to assimilate minerals and vitamins. A build-up of material on the colon wall can inhibit muscular action, causing sluggish bowel movement, slow transit time, constipation, etc.


If you suffer from one or more of the following, you may be a candidate for colon hydrotherapy:

• Constipation or Diarrhea
• Abdominal Distention, Bloating or Gas Pain
• Skin Problems
• Bad Breath
• Irritability or Nervousness
• Depression or Mood Swings
• Food Allergies
• Colitis
• Irritable Bowel Syndrome
• Candida or Parasites
• Bacterial Imbalances after Antibiotic or Hormonal Treatment or Birth Control Pills


Colon hydrotherapy is also an essential part of any cleanse and can also aid in preparation for surgery to help reduce the risk of infections and post surgery to aid in the body’s self healing.


A series of 3-6 colon hydrotherapy sessions is suggested for hydrating the colon. A series of 6-15 colon hydrotherapy sessions is suggested to cleanse the colon. In conjunction with an improved diet, exercise, proper rest, and nutritional supplementation, colon hydrotherapy can assist the client with improved colon function. Many of our clients find it valuable to continue cleansing once a month or so to maintain the benefits they have experienced. 

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We offer the world's premier colon irrigation system, The Angel of Water. This system aids in eliminating waste (toxins) and stimulating the digestive system. The Angel of Water offers a safe, comfortable, and hygienic colon hydrotherapy experience by ensuring that the water temperature is maintained between 99 and 103 degrees, which is the optimal range for effective intestinal cleansing.


During the colon cleansing process, filtered water is inserted into the colon, gently stimulating natural peristalsis and thereby facilitating waste elimination. After the session, clients are advised to remain seated to expel any remaining water. Each session typically lasts for 30 to 45 minutes.


Upon completion, clients have the option to rinse off using the sprayer and towel dry before dressing and leaving the privacy of the colon irrigation room. Rest assured that your session will be conducted in a private, confidential, and comfortable setting.


*These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product and/or service is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease. If you are pregnant, nursing, taking medication or have a medical condition, consult your physician before using this product and/or service.*

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